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Instantly Gratified: Even Google Texts

What do drive-thru funeral homes and Google texting have in common?

Convenience, obviously.  (That and flexible hours but we’ll save that for another post.)

Butterball - Text Before You Carve!

Life is full of beautiful moments. Being the one in charge of the Thanksgiving turkey isn’t one of them.

From meddling mother-in-laws to political stalemates with your uncle, we all have reasons to be stressed out over the holidays.

Zingle Welcomes Matt Schvimmer as CMO


A Glimpse Into Why I Joined Zingle and How Messaging is Taking Over!

There’s no easy way to say this:  I’m old. 

I don’t know when it happened exactly but let’s just say I find myself outside Nielsen’s coveted demographic.  The upside of being old is that I can throw out 80s references like...

Millennials Prefer sms Over Phone & Email

Millennials will drive consumption in the near future, so if Millennials choose a brand now, they are likely to stay loyal. No small businesses can afford to ignore this massive audience with a passion for technology and on-demand communication. 

Customer Service & Messaging - Takes Two to Tango

Since 2009 we’ve thought about, built products and transformed the way customers interact with businesses, communicating via text and messaging with a two-way, real-time business messaging platform. Giving businesses a way to better communicate with their customers and vice versa is in our DNA, ...

Q2 | Zingle Insights


There are a lot of new customer relationships forming! 

Every day, our Zingle team works to build a better product, customer experience, business communication tool to figure out new ways we can make the business & customer relationship even more seamless. Just this past quarter our customers...

4 Tools Changing the Way Businesses Communicate

You text, chat, message and call each day to keep relationships alive and well, but do you ever think how some tools, apps and resources make it so easy—even to people across the world? I know that I do.Fundamental changes to the way we communicate and stay in touch with both our professional...

Winning Over Your Customers with Mobile SMS & Messaging

It’s prime time lunch hour for your business and your customer has repeated what they need 17 times, both the customer and business can’t completely understand the other end. What is this? An epic customer service fail.

Every business is in the business of customer service because well, quite...

HITEC's Top Takeaways in 2016

TWEET THIS: http://bit.ly/295nKMG 

HITEC, known as the "World's Largest Hospitality Technology Show," brought some exciting trends & topics to the limelight this year. Held in New Orleans, included were 342 vendors, various keynote speeches from industry & brand experts, for grand totals of over...

Meet The Zingle Team - Q&A w/ Erika Montanez, Technical Support Specialist

Do you have a go-to person you can always ask technology questions? We're lucky at Zingle to have more than one of these go-to's, and Erika Montanez is one of them. While Zingle calls San Diego home and is headquartered here, Erika is "live from New York!" every day on the job. We count on her...