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Fast Facebook F8 Conference Highlights - Zingle's take

Facebook recently held their annual F8 Conference in San Francisco.  Zingle was invited to attend as well as participate in the event.  Overall, it was a total blast. We wanted to call out some of the amazing highlights.

Zingle Integrates New Product with Facebook Messenger

Zingle is excited to announce that we are launching a new Zingle product, integrated with Facebook Messenger. Businesses can now leverage Zingle to have a real-time 2-way conversation with consumers using Messenger, providing a better and more personalized customer experience.

Meet The Zingle Team - Q&A w/ Karen Dillen - Senior Implementation Consultant

In our next post of our blog series about our team, we talk to Karen Dillen. Karen is Zingle's Senior Implementation Consultant, and has been with Zingle for just over 6 years. As somebody that has been so in touch with our customers for so long, we wanted to speak to Karen about all of her...

Meet The Zingle Team - Q&A w/ David Peace - Chief Technology Officer

In our second post of our blog series about our team, next up is David Peace, Zingle's CTO. As somebody that has been with Zingle and is very seasoned with our product & markets, we are stoked to get some of his words & wisdom shared!  (read more below)

Meet The Zingle Team - Q&A w/ Tara Bohnert - VP, Sales

In the first of many people to meet on the Zingle Team, we start with Zingle's VP of Sales, Tara Bohnert. We have introduced Tara in a previous welcome post, but her experience in summary is most recently from.. (read more below)

The Key To Uber’s Success in 2016 and Beyond

2016 will most certainly have some exciting trends, but I believe that there is one in particular that is one of the most impactful to both businesses and consumers…

J.P. Morgan Chase hanging up on voicemail, saving money & time

While this is not the first large company to cut voicemail out of their business plan, this is certainly one to pay attention to. The nation's largest bank, J.P. Morgan Chase has officially cut voicemail for a large group of its employees...

Newmarket & Zingle Showcase Guest Experience Solutions at NICC

As the NICC (Newmarket International Customer Conference) has come to an end, the industry saw some great updates and technology introductions. After a successful 2015 conference, there are some key takeaways and great advancements in the hospitality industry for all to consider and learn from.


A Plaza Hotel Proposal to Remember | Best Customer Experiences

Ed Capelle of Eugene, Ore., offers up a story of stellar customer service at the famed Plaza Hotel in New York City. His then-girlfriend had a dream to be in Central Park during a winter snowfall. So when it came time to propose, Ed worked closely with the hotel staff to create... 

Business Tip - Catering to Families Wins Happy Repeat Customers

Gemma and Mark L. from Chester, UK, wrote to say why their local Piccolino Restaurant – part of a chain of 21 eateries throughout Britain - wins their repeat business. Again, something very simple turns out to be a little more than just good customer service...