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5 Things Hotels Must do to Provide the Best Guest Experience

According to Deloitte research, today’s consumers want authenticity, personalization, removal of friction, and on-demand functionality in their travel experiences.

Hotels must innovate and get creative to adapt to these consumer needs to stay competitive. In our latest SlideShare titled “5...

Using Google Adwords Click to Message Extensions to Drive more Engagement and Conversion

With mobile devices accounting for about 53% of paid search clicks, and 97% of smartphone owners using text messaging, it’s a no-brainer that your business should be using Google’s AdWords Click to Text Message Extension.  

There are many benefits of using the click to text ad extension in...

Texting: Welcome to the Next Revolution in CRM

CRM has evolved from traditional methods of direct advertising and one-way communication into modern mediums such as Social and Mobile. 

Zingle & HotSOS: Optimizing the Hospitality Experience from Coast-to-Coast

Since we announced our partnership last year, Amadeus HotSOS and Zingle have partnered together to provide a superior hospitality experience for guests, helping hotels create great customer service by connecting the latest guest technologies to the resources that deliver service at a hotel.

Drop the Chocolates and Get Back into the Gym

It’s February and your New Year’s Resolution of making healthier lifestyle decisions has gone down the toilette.