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Landline texting made possible

Why Businesses Should Start Texting From Their Landline

Face it, it’s 2017: everyone is texting. If you haven’t integrated text messaging into your business, you’re missing out on infinite opportunities to engage with your customers using their preferred method of communication.

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There are a lot of new customer relationships forming! 

Every day, our Zingle team works to build a better product, customer experience, business communication tool to figure out new ways we can make the business & customer relationship even more seamless. Just this past quarter our customers...

4 Tools Changing the Way Businesses Communicate

You text, chat, message and call each day to keep relationships alive and well, but do you ever think how some tools, apps and resources make it so easy—even to people across the world? I know that I do.Fundamental changes to the way we communicate and stay in touch with both our professional...

Winning Over Your Customers with Mobile SMS & Messaging

It’s prime time lunch hour for your business and your customer has repeated what they need 17 times, both the customer and business can’t completely understand the other end. What is this? An epic customer service fail.

Every business is in the business of customer service because well, quite...

3 Easy Ways Texting Makes Your Business Wildly Successful

Texting has been around for nearly twenty years but it wasn’t until recently that the texting mojo has hit businesses. Previously, texting was just a way to chat with friends and family—now it is the most efficient way for any size business to connect with their customers. Today’s on-demand...