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Meet The Zingle Team - Q&A w/ Tara Bohnert - VP, Sales

In the first of many people to meet on the Zingle Team, we start with Zingle's VP of Sales, Tara Bohnert. We have introduced Tara in a previous welcome post, but her experience in summary is most recently from.. (read more below)

The Key To Uber’s Success in 2016 and Beyond

2016 will most certainly have some exciting trends, but I believe that there is one in particular that is one of the most impactful to both businesses and consumers…

Turn Customer Demand Volatility Into Customer Success

In today’s world, businesses face 2 key challenges:

  1. Dealing with change
  2. Staying aligned with customers

Zingle adds power to the team - welcome Tara B!

Joining Zingle is our new VP of Sales, Tara Bohnert.Tara comes from a very successful and lengthy career with Active Network, also local to San Diego.

The Power of Technology | 7 Things Every Hotel Should Be Doing in 2015

With travelers & hotel guests always on-the-go, being mobile-friendly is now an absolute business essential. Simply having a nice website just doesn't cut it. Now, all services, information, and conversations are - or are being developed- for mobile technologies... 

10 Simple Things for Customer “Servicers” to Create Happy Customers

American writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie literally wrote the book on customer service, sales and leadership in America during the 20th century. That’s why his philosophy is still at the core of much corporate and sales training to this day. Here’s a few of his quick tips on how you and your...

New York Times: No Need to Call the Front Desk, Just Send a Text

“No problem, sir! We will deliver your text order for room service in 10 minutes.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to give consumers an immediate response for service everywhere they go, right on your mobile device? According to The New York Times, if you stay at a hotel with a texting service, that’s exactly...

HITEC 2015: Technologies Growing Guest Satisfaction & Revenue

HITEC, the world’s largest hospitality technology show, has completed another successful and exciting conference for 2015. Held in Austin, Texas, the event includes everything from exhibitors, breakout sessions, keynote speakers, numerous tech talks, and even a space set aside for graduate students...

J.P. Morgan Chase hanging up on voicemail, saving money & time

While this is not the first large company to cut voicemail out of their business plan, this is certainly one to pay attention to. The nation's largest bank, J.P. Morgan Chase has officially cut voicemail for a large group of its employees...

Newmarket & Zingle Showcase Guest Experience Solutions at NICC

As the NICC (Newmarket International Customer Conference) has come to an end, the industry saw some great updates and technology introductions. After a successful 2015 conference, there are some key takeaways and great advancements in the hospitality industry for all to consider and learn from.